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We Buy, Build and Sell Thousands of cars a year, Power Buying allows us to sell Wholesale to the Public for Thousands less than a traditional dealer. Each one of our vehicles have been hand selected by a Professional buyer from our network of dealers giving us the opportunity to inspect each vehcle fully before we buy it. We then transport all the vehicles to our State of the Art Reconditioning Facilty for Full Cosmetic and Mechanical Reconditioning. The ultimate the goal is to provide Fully reconditioned and mechanicly sound vehicles  and help guide future clients through the buying process with Up Front No Haggle Prices. So Bottom Line at The Car Liquidators we help guide you through the buying process sharing all of our knowledge and resoureces to help you buy a car rather than being Sold One!!  

On our website, you can view our inventory, check out information about our extended warranty options, or even use our easy application form to get pre-approved for financing. We're here to make your next purchase experience better than any you've ever had, so feel free to call us at 407-963-0986 with any questions you might have.

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